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Momo Land is a place surrounded by green hills and dense forests full of beautiful energy, berries :) and fresh air! The Venue is located just 3 minutes walk from lake Ružiná, one of the top clean and warm lakes in Slovakia.

There is a beautiful studio, of 275m2, patiently waiting for us to be filled by our dances.

We will also have an outdoor dance space around 200m2 to welcome the breeze to dance with us.

But most importantly, we will enjoy the swimming pool of 200m2 inviting us to experience our fluid bodies moving freely and weightlessly in all directions.

Momo Land also offers other options for enjoyment like whirlpool, beach-volley ground, hammock garden, tea temple, etc.



We will take sleep and rest in 13 cute wooden chalets with two or three rooms where each room has 2 beds. Furthermore, each chalet has a living room with a couch; a kitchen with a cooker, refrigerator and microwave; a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

Or you can bring your own tent, which can be pitched on the grass in the campus. (Note: the number of tents is limited)


We will provide tasty vegan and vegetarian food, a lot of vegetables and fruits full of southern sun.

Where / How to get there


CONTACT | +421 911 453 111 (Magdalena) | +421 917 406 759 (Barbora)

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