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I am a teacher, poet, tea ceremonies and forest lover, somatic practitioner and a dancer - particularly of CI:)! I came across CI abroad and ever since I had to travel in order to enjoy this beautiful form of dance.  I’m glad and thankful, that I could participate in all these CI festivals and workshops. And now, I’m really happy that I can welcome you all at CI festival in my beautiful country with my dear team. My dream of having CI festival in my home-country has come true:)

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I am a passionate dancer, dance is the way I am, is a way I learn about life. Dance is my sea as well as my harbor.

Contact improvisation has brought me a lot: community, people to whom I belong, playful communication, endless exploration, meditation, opportunity to fly ...

And that's why I became a passionate organizer who wants to offer these very valuable experiences for others, for us!



I work as a literary scientist but I have been dancing since childhood in my free time. Ballet, folklore dance, modern dance or contemporary. When I got to know CI, I absolutely fell in love with it and my enthusiasm hasn't diminished. I am a mum to my darling daughter and a passionate hiker and gardener, too. Organizing a CI festival is a chance for me to became a part of the CI community in Slovakia. I wish CI will have its stabile place in the Slovakia and I really want to support this process because "We are those people we are waiting for."


When I have strong vision, there is no other way just make it happen in this reality.  CI festival is one of that vision and I am super happy that we got together. 4 amazing women with strong dedication to make CI community in Slovakia grow. My wish is to support our local community as well as international interconectedness which I love about CI. I truly believe that all the people in the world need contact and we can offer a safe space to explore mystery of connection.


CONTACT | +421 911 453 111 (Magdalena) | +421 917 406 759 (Barbora)

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