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embodiment .  slow learning . empowerment

Would you like to start getting to know your body in motion?

We offer space for discovering the body, its movement possibilities, strength and flexibility. We focus on learning, researching, creating a relationship with movement and not on the performance itself, which, however, will appear naturally through regular activity.

Open classes

Are you looking for an individual approach?

With us you can experience individual sessions during which you will have the opportunity to get to know your body, movement and mind at your own pace and according to your own needs. We offer a variety of approaches aimed at restoring strength to the hands of our clients.

1-to-1 sessions


The courses we offer are focused on various topics of the body - through the breath, the spine, fascia, the basics of anatomy, emobiment, etc. We work in a closed group that has the opportunity to create together and gain deeper knowledge of the given topic. 

Are you interested in researching one topic longer and in more detail?


Would you like to experience intense movement and learning?

Thematically   workshops will give you the opportunity to really delve into the topic, get to know the issue, your body and movements more intimately and deeply. A space in a closed group with the same purpose encourages mutual learning, creativity and discovery.


Contact improvisation
touch dance. flow

It is an improvised touch dance that works with weight sharing, point of contact, following and leading. We learn to listen and be heard. It is also about creating a non-judgmental approach to yourself and others, and allowing yourself to let go of your weight on your partner, the earth, and not have everything under control. 

Contact improvisation

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