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Long-term work with a focus on one specific topic.

Individual meetings will provide you with a special approach and set hours according to your needs. Open classes will allow you to regularly and without obligation attend exercise sessions with different topics, which are related but not connected to each other. What the courses will provide you with is long-term work on one topic.

The courses are focused on movement exercises, anatomy and principles of working with movement and the body, which will enable you to take better care of your own body, take care of HOW you use your body so that it can serve you long and healthily. Courses require commitment. Not towards us, but above all towards ourselves. We will provide you with knowledge - both practical and theoretical, but the practice itself should not end at the meeting.  During the courses we will be available as support in case of questions, but the rest is up to you. The course will enrich you with details in a specific issue (e.g. the spine, breath, walking, anatomy in motion, etc.), it will give you the opportunity to get to know your body and movement patterns in depth and thus open up space for awareness and knowledge.


With long-term focus, you direct your attention where it was not before, you have the opportunity to uncover the hidden corners not only of your body but also of your mind. If you are interested in getting to know each other, take a look at the offer we have prepared for you.


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