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For all those who want to penetrate the essence with an intense dive.

In addition to regular open hours and courses, we also offer workshops. Workshops are intensive meetings (from several hours to several days) where you have the opportunity to penetrate deeply into the topic.

Enough space and time will allow you to leave your ideas about the given topic,  to slow down, to let go of the problems of everyday life and to focus your attention in only one direction. Some workshops will be held in a community setting where, in addition to working together on a topic, we will spend time together, get to know each other, connect and share. Workshop topics will vary, but our approach will remain consistent - work on three levels: body-mind-soul.


The workshops are suitable for everyone who wants to penetrate to the essence of things, who like to delve into topics related to movement and the body, but it is also for those who perceive it as a significant challenge in their life and need to find a safe environment where they can overcome themselves .

If you do not find a topic that resonates with you in our offer, we will be happy if you write to us which topic you would accept. If it resonates with us, we will gladly process it :)

If you are anywhere in Slovakia and would like to bring our workshops to your community, we will be happy if you contact us in the Contact section.

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