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"Leadership  is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Warren Bennis

Social responsibility, work-life balance, sustainability. Terms you know and we believe you apply. We offer you care for your human resources, management and analysis of movement patterns (body language), stress management and embodiment leadership.

Companies are like living organisms. In order to thrive, they need all components to communicate with each other, transfer information, perceive the environment and react effectively. The information and behavior of the individual parts must be transparent to avoid erroneous decisions and reactions. It can have fatal consequences. Organisms have a control unit that evaluates all information, processes it and gives instructions for reactions. In addition, individual parts of the organism are sufficiently autonomous that the control unit can rely on them. If any part is not sufficiently nourished (supported), it will affect the whole organism. When such a situation occurs, an alarm is triggered and a correction is made (the organism supplies/demands nutrition, attention). 

And so it is with companies. If any component is undernourished, it will affect the rest of the company, from production to communication with customers. If a company looks at the value not only of its products and services but also of its human capital, it will easily find that its wealth lies in human resources. Having quality leaders who know how to perceive their teams, their needs, know how to communicate clearly and directly, are authentic, they have the assumption that their team will perceive, respect, follow and thus follow and fulfill the goals and visions of the company._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


 Embodiment leadership. 

We offer you access to your leaders and teams, which will help you uncover strengths and weaknesses.

An approach based on understanding how the body works in connection with the mind, teaches how to unite the content we communicate externally with the content we communicate internally. It teaches authenticity and is based on accepting responsibility for one's own life, decisions, one's position in the company or for leading a team. Through the analysis of the body structure, the ways of communication through the body and the awareness of these processes and attitudes, there is room for finding new possibilities to express yourself more clearly and more in accordance with your inner content. The more authentic the leaders are, the more transparent and clear the whole process is, the communication speeds up, the company's efficiency increases, and employees can more easily identify with the company's vision. And that is important. Connect to the vision - direction of the company and walk in the same direction. 

Part of the whole process is also the release process as a prevention of stress and burnout. High work commitment is a constant activity that affects our sympathetic nervous system. Our fighting ability increases, our brain perceives a threat and wants to defend itself (fight/flight reaction). The longer it stays in the standby state, the more it depletes its resources and needs to create new ones. From an acute state, it becomes chronic and becomes for us not a rescue in times of danger, but a threat itself. Therefore, we take care to include the other polarity in our work and through relaxation (relaxation, meditation, imagination, somatic approaches, etc.) address the parasympathetic nervous system, which induces a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, relaxation, security. If you want your employees to be efficient enough, it is necessary not only to demand that they be efficient, but also to give them space to maintain enough energy and their own integrity. You need to take care not only to feed their mind but also to feed their body and soul.


Therefore, if our approach resonates with you and you would like to bring embodiment to your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We will create a unique service directly according to your needs, whether it is individual or group work.

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