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Open hours

Exercise sessions for those who want to get to know their body.

We cordially invite you to our open hours!

Through anatomical structures, working with fascia, conscious movement, and coordination, we will develop awareness in our body. We will become aware of movement patterns, body posture in relation to gravity and build a healthy relationship with ourselves and our surroundings.

We offer space for discovering the body, its movement possibilities, strength and flexibility. We focus on learning, researching, creating a relationship with movement and not on the performance itself, which, however, will appear naturally through regular activity.

Our inspiration is many movement directions (contemporary dance, contact-improvisation, martial arts, natural movement,...), neurology, rolfing - structural integration, feldenkrais method, applied anatomy.

You will be able to practice many of the exercises and tasks that we will offer you at home.

The lessons do not follow each other, they are suitable for all age groups and it is not necessary to have previous experience with movement.

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