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MOVEMENT LAB is a platform for exploring movement where we apply a holistic approach: the body, mind, and soul are not separate, they are interconnected and we approach our clients bearing this is mind. We guide them to discover, get to know their own body, stories, and thought and movement patterns; we offer them the opportunity to rewrite these patterns and see them from a different perspective. We offer knowledge, experience, and a space where clients can connect with their curiosity, playfulness, exploration, and the desire to discover, ask questions and patiently find answers in a continuous process of discovery and change.



We are professional movement aficionados who share their passion with all who are open to it.

We bring our clients a holistic approach that allows them to get to know better themselves, their body, old patterns, and how their own body structure can affect their emotional, social, and physical health. ​

Our vision is to contribute to building a better world through learning about and building a relationship with one’s own body and movement.

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Magdalena Takačová


Embodiment facilitator and Movement coach

Co-founder of Movement LAB and OZ 4Arts Therapy, dance-movement therapist, coach, teacher of contact improvisation. 

After studying Strategic Management and Marketing, I worked for 12 years in the financial field in a management position. I have many years of experience in conducting movement, dance, and dance-music meetings. In 2017, I completed a 4-year training in dance-movement therapy in the Czech Republic. For 10 years, I was active in the integrated dance group LEN TAK TAK, where I danced and was part of the creative and production processes of performance projects. In 2020, I completed Teacher’s Training at the Holistic Dance Institute in Vienna. I have attended a number of educational workshops abroad focused on dance improvisation, applied anatomy in movement, bodywork, contact improvisation, and somatic movement.

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Marco Klokner


Certified Rolfer™ and Movement coach

Co-founder of Movement LAB, Certified Rolfer™, movement researcher and movement instructor.
I have been involved in various sports since childhood. I was very active in rowing and ultimate frisbee.  I studied to become a teacher of physical education and German language at UNIPO. Chronic pain and interest in the holistic approach to humans led me to study the Rolfing® method at the European Rolfing® Association (ERA) in Munich; I completed my 2-year training in 2020 and I continue my education in the Rolfing® method in the form of seminars  and workshops. A big inspiration for me is the Fighting Monkey® practice and TaiJi Quan, they enriches all aspects of my being. 

I attended numerous workshops and courses focused on movement, training of the human body and biomechanics.

Who we are


body - mind - soul


Each one of us has the potential that, when discovered, developed and shared with others, can contribute to building a better world and help us find our unique place on Earth.

For us, this change occurs through movement. Movement is a means, not a goal. It is a tool for getting to know yourself and your three planes: the body, the mind, and the soul. Whatever plane we work with, it affects the other planes because they are interconnected, just as our lives, consciousness, and energy are interconnected. It is like circles in water, overlapping, in the energy field. We decided to support this connection by bringing consciousness, strength, and responsibility into the hands of our clients. ​


Movement LAB is not just about movement, it includes so much more. It is about community, respect, finding one’s own strength and truthfulness towards oneself. We don’t just want to teach clients movements. We want to ignite a spark in them, returning their consciousness into their bodies and into their processes, over and over again until the consciousness anchors well in there.


Behind Movement LAB, there is this human quality, genuine and authentic. It is complemented by wisdom, (un)consciousness, shadow and light, mistakes and learning, always in presence of love and respect towards ourselves and our clients. We do not offer or do not promise superficial corrective measures. We go beyond... Beyond performance, beyond movement, beyond form. We go beyond to help build a better world. A world we want to live. A world where anyone who dares and allows themselves to can find their own strength, their own passion, talent and a path through which they themselves can further enrich this world.

Movement LAB includes movement,

but more than moving on the outside, it is about inner moves.

Our Vision


embodiment - slow learning - empowerment



Embodiment is what manifests through our bodies, what is visible and manifested. The body preserves all our stories, history, experiences, the lifestyle we lead, our whole past. That is why we approach our clients with the awareness that their bodies narrate their own stories written down in their body structures. We invite them to learn about these stories, to discover and find out which patterns they use in their bodies and movements. We bring back their consciousness and attention to their bodies. Wherever attention goes, energy follows. When we return the attention back to the body, the energy will return there too, and we can then work with that energy and learn to use it effectively in everyday life.


slow learning

Slow learning, education, exploration. We want to support a slow and deep process of learning, when a more permanent rebuilding of the neural network (neuroplasticity) can take place and new and solid neural networks can be created. The more we learn through the body and the repeated desired change occurs through the change of movement patterns, the more we support the anchoring of the learned. However, we believe that the learning process is continuous and clients are an active part of it. They are also the initiators of change, research, and exploration. Learning is a relentless process and so also our neural network is constantly changing and alive.



Reclaiming own strength, the ability to find and recognize own sources of strength and energy, and being the one who decides own life and lives it actively and consciously. We lead our clients towards responsibility for their own body, relationships, movement, and life. When they place their responsibility at our feet, we lovingly return it back to them. Empowerment is not just about an individual, it is also about the community, mutual support, help, and respect.

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