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Contact improvisation

Dance without choreography, connection, flow, sharing.

Contact improvisation is a joint contact dance that does not have a designated choreography. It is an improvisation in a given moment, a communication of bodies and souls in contact through carrying weight, working with gravity.

It is a joint contact dance that does not have a given choreography and the steps are created in the presence of what is happening.

It is a dance of weight transfer and sharing through touch that is not sexual.

It is a flow, a flow which, when we notice, we find out that even the impossible is possible.

It is a dance that tests our comfort zone. It shows us how we work, our own patterns, boundaries and allows us to get to know ourselves better.

It is the joy of movement that develops creativity, curiosity, playfulness in us and fills us with energy.

It is a dance that unites, creates a community that supports each other and co-creates space for something new, unknown, emergent.

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