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Fri, 19 Mar


Online event

Open hours - Relaxation

A series of evening relaxation focused on body, mind and soul. Through awareness, breath, touch and visualization, you will be able to rest within yourself, calm your nervous system and restore the natural process of regeneration and quality sleep.

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 Open hours - Relaxation
 Open hours - Relaxation

Time & Location

19 Mar 2021, 20:00 – 14 Apr 2021, 20:30

Online event

About the Event

In recent months, we have been exposed to stressful situations more than ever.

We live in a stressful environment that affects our physical and mental health whether we realize it or not.  Constant activity, (not only but also) existential and emotional problems require a lot of energy and put the body on alert. And we're still performing. Because we are used to it, because we have to, because no one else will do it for us, because we don't have time, because.. because.. because.. (fill in your WHY). 

We are not used to taking care of ourselves. Rather, we learned to care about others and not ourselves. That's why we decided to prepare a series of meetings for you aimed at relieving tension, stress and connecting with yourself and your resources. Relaxations, visualizations, work with breath, touch and slow movement are techniques that help release tension in the body and mind. If you are anxious, you perform constant activities, you have trouble concentrating, making decisions, your heart beats fast and you breathe fast, if you have noticed feelings of anxiety (both in body and soul) or depressive states... these are all symptoms of stress, which is a physiological reaction to suggestions. We react to stress in different ways, but the methods of how the body can relax and get from an active (sympathetic nervous system) to a resting (parasympathetic nervous system) state work for everyone.

We invite you to take time for yourself, to restore your natural state of peace so that your body, mind and soul are in balance and your self-healing process begins and the quality of your sleep improves.


WHEN: every Friday and Wednesday from 19.3.-14.4.2021 at 20:00-20:30

WHERE: via the ZOOM online platform (the application must be installed before the start of the meeting at


5 EUR/ 1 meeting

18 EUR/ 4 meetings

35 EUR/ 8 meetings

What will you need?

You will need a comfortable place to lie down. The ground (make sure the mat is soft), bed, couch - whatever suits you. Make sure that the light does not shine into your eyes and does not disturb you (candles, dimmed light, a scarf over your eyes). And don't worry, have a blanket with you to cover yourself with if necessary. Don't forget about comfortable clothes that won't push you anywhere. 

It's time for you, so create the atmosphere according to your taste. Whether it will be candles, incense sticks or soft music like a balm.. treat yourself :)

Magdaléna Takačová will accompany you through relaxation


Meetings are set in the evening so that after they are over, you can comfortably go into a peaceful pre-sleep mode. From 9:00 p.m., melatonin begins to form in your body, which will ensure quality sleep and energy for the morning. Melatonin is not produced if we are in a bright environment, so it is necessary to light as little as possible and not look at displays. dr. Huberman recommends that if you are going to light up in the evening (e.g. to read a book), you should turn on the light that is closest to your shoulders. Fingers crossed for a display evening detox :)


  • The whole series - 8 meetings

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  • Shortened series - 4 meetings

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  • Single entry - 5 EUR

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