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Wed, 31 Mar



COURSE - Structural balance: work with the myofascial system

Fascia, myofascia, foam roller, fascial training and more. If you are interested in these topics, this course is just for you.

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COURSE - Structural balance: work with the myofascial system
COURSE - Structural balance: work with the myofascial system

Time & Location

31 Mar 2021, 18:00 CEST – 28 Apr 2021, 19:00 CEST


About the Event

What is fascia and myofascia?

Fascia is a special system in our body that resembles a spider web or sweater. Fascia is a very dense and strong tissue that surrounds and covers all muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins and internal organs. The most interesting aspect of the facial system is that it is one unbroken continuous structure covering our body from head to toe.

Myofascia is a specific name for the fascia surrounding and enveloping the muscles. Normally, the fascia structure is loose, bulky and elastic - it can stretch and provide gliding between structures. Trauma after a car accident or fall, overload after a demanding training cycle, long-term incorrect posture, surgical interventions or inflammations create tension restrictions in the myofascia, which, if accumulated, cause pain and limit the range of motion. Fascial restrictions are an important factor that determines how we can perform daily activities.

Course objectives?

For the aforementioned, we have prepared the course "Structural balance - work with the myofascial system". The aim of this course is to guide you to begin to perceive your structure as a whole, to perceive areas in the structure with/without restrictions, to provide you with techniques for myofascial release (foam rolling) of these restrictions and also to introduce you to the tips of fascial training.

For the course you need to have:

Space on the ground approx. 2x2m

Foam roller or PVC pipe

lacross ball alternatively tennis ball (ball of similar dimensions)


something under your head and under your knees (ideally towels)

paper and pen

Brief content of the course

The course consists of 6 meetings lasting 60 minutes from 18:00-19:00

  1. Perception of your restrictions 1 
  2. Perception of your restrictions 2 
  3. Perception of your restrictions 3 
  4. Integration with an emphasis on legs 
  5. Integration with emphasis on hands 
  6. Total Integration 

During these 6 sessions, you will learn about the following:

Approaches to the perception of one's structure and therefore to the perception of oneself - before we start to change or adjust something, it is important to know what we are going to change and in what way we will change it. For this reason, you will be introduced to techniques that, among other things, have the potential to raise awareness of the body structure.

Integrated myofascial release - you will learn a holistic system of how to work with the foam roller and its alternatives in such a way that balance begins to form in your myofascial system.

Principles of fascial training - by practical application of movements, you will best understand the principles of facial training, which are: ninja style - silence, preparatory countermovement - elastic recovery, dynamic stretching, fluid recovery, improvement of proprioception and sustainability. More info on tips on the course.



31.03.2021 - Wednesday

04/07/2021 - Wednesday

14.04.2021 - Wednesday

21.04.2021 - Wednesday

23/04/2021 - Friday

28.04.2021 - Wednesday

WHERE: via the ZOOM online platform (the application must be installed before the start of the meeting at


EUR 53 - discounted price (for the first 21 participants who register and pay the course fee by January 23, 2021 inclusive)

EUR 60 - regular price after 1/23/2021

Payment is possible by credit card directly during registration.

Course instructor: Marco Klokner


  • Discounted price (until 23.3.2021)

    The first 21 registered participants have a discounted price of EUR 53.

    Sale ended
  • Regular price - 60 EUR

    Sale ended



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