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INTERCONNECTED . heart intelligence / ritual of connection

weekend experience of connection on physical, mental and spiritual level with oneself, others and nature through body, movement, imagination

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INTERCONNECTED . heart intelligence / ritual of connection
INTERCONNECTED . heart intelligence / ritual of connection

Čas a miesto

17. 3. 2023, 18:00 – 19. 3. 2023, 16:00

Bratislava, Drieňová 81/40, 821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

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INTERCONNECTION - heart intelligence

weekend experience of connection on physical, mental and spiritual level with oneself, others and nature through body, movement and imagination 

In the world which is unsure, full of changes and challenges, we are seeking, somewhere deep inside, for the place where we can rest, release, ease our body-minds and re-connect again. There is a lot of disconnection and motion outside that sometimes it is just one place where we can find the peace.. inside, deep in the ocean of our body. 

We are living in a traumatized society, full of stress, demands and achievement. Focused on that we are separated from the body and its wisdom. 

This weekend is about connection. Connection within and from within. Creating connection from very different place than we usually do. What if we find safe spot in our bodies, what if we start to connect to our wisdom with humbleness, opennes and trust. What if we open in the safe space, just for a moment, and instead of fighting we start to see the link between one to another. What if that, which is connecting us, is already within us?

We are not separated. Maybe we forgot to be in a connection with all our parts and layers but we can stay with that and see, what happens if we allow to crack the idea of separation. Our physical bodies do remember that connection with all the cells, all the information within our system, all the heritage from the Mother Ocean and Father Sky. We are not separated. Just to remember.. 

I invite you to dive into the field of connection to experience it through your own bodies, your own systems. Connection with yourself, with others, with nature.  

Heart is not just another organ that pump the blood into the vessels. Heart is a real treasure of our system. It is our connection to mind (brain) and to our gut feelings (primal intuition), it has its own intelligence, cells that can create vibration that helps us to be more coherent, harmonized and connected to others. Imapct of heart resonance is immense. Through the heart we are tuning-in with other living oranizms. We infulence each other and we are influenced by others. We can choose how we want to vibrate and resonate into the world. We invite you to heartful experience.

Ask your heart how does it feel like?

WHEN: 17.3.-19.3.

17.3. 18:00-21:00

18.3. 10:00-17:0

19.3. 10:00-16:00


Movement LAB, Drieňova 40, 1. floor OC Budúcnosť (exernal blue stairs, go up, turn left, turn the corner and find the door with Movement LAB sign)

(1 hr from Vienna, 2 hrs from Budapest, 4 hrs from Prague)

Possible to sleep-over in the studio (10 EUR/night)


111 EUR



Magdaléna Takáčová 

Co-founder of Movement LAB and 4Arts Therapy

I´m focused on dance-movement therapy, embodiment and somatic approach, authentic movement, embodiment meditation and imagination guide and contact improvisation



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