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I through the Other, the Other through Me - CI Class with Sveta Bird (UA) + JAM SESSION

Open level / Open class of contact improvisation

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I through the Other, the Other through Me - CI Class with Sveta Bird (UA) + JAM SESSION
I through the Other, the Other through Me - CI Class with Sveta Bird (UA) + JAM SESSION

Čas a miesto

25. 6. 2023, 15:00 – 19:10

Bratislava, Drieňová 40, 821 02 Bratislava-Ružinov, Slovensko

O podujatí

Contact improvisation class

I through the Other, the Other through Me

The more we dance CI the more it brings us to the states where Dance is happening by itself whithout me or you “doing” it. Through certain physical patterns we learn how to deal when two or more bodies meet together in time and space on a dance floor.

Basically with every CI workshop we attend we expand our movement database which enrich our dance. The more patterns our bodies know the more we know ourselves the more gratiouse our dance become for ourseves first or all. We acumulate these patterns

untill the point when they all appear as undividable wisdom of our body. In this moment inteligent body get born which has different way of responding to the impulses it receives. It is not about the set of tricks we are able to do in a dance and about letting go of all claims and demands and entering the space of one dance for all.

I believe this workshop can be good for people with different experience in CI including the «0» one :)

Short Bio:

Sveta Bird (Ukraine)  

Sveta Bird is a professional dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher, organizer of festivals and workshops on CI and everything around CI. Certified massage therapist of Chiand Mai school (Thailand) and jeweller. She has been dancing since childhood, and for the last 18 years she has been living in exploaring Contact Improvisation, sometimes looking into other body-oriented practices. 

Instagram @cvetla_ni

Video Links:

xjkxTBdjN9ly3aVT9olpRl- cZmjsSfSzn4_KzDyk1Dn1g0G1Yg4 - work “RIVERƧE”



When: 25.6.2023, 15:00-16:30 Class; 17:00-19:00 Jam session

Where: Movement LAB, Drieňova 40, Bratislava, 1st. floor


15 EUR Class, 

10 EUR Jam session, 

20 EUR Class + Jam session

If you are struggling with your financial situation but you want to join us, feel free to contact us at




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